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Mossberg’s rave review of Ask.com and Zoom Related Search

Posted by kaushalkurapati on April 1, 2006

Wow! what a rave review for Ask.com from the guru of technology columnists, Walt Mossberg. Ask has been punching above its weight for quite some time and finally gets the credit its due.

Zoom is an industry unique feature and the most used product on the Ask.com reply page. Its a concept-based query navigation tool. Yeah thats a mouthful…basically it helps you navigate topics related to your query without you having to scratch your brain on how to formulate queries. As users we are notoriously lazy and if its a topic thats new to you, you have no idea how to ask the search engine. Thats what makes Zoom brilliant – start with any concept in a topic of interest to you and you will be presented the most relevant ways to 'narrow your search', 'expand' and broaden your topic area, or explore the most important people relevant to your topic.

As you can see the innovations in Zoom include clustering based on concepts, and entity recognition – names.


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