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Articles on India in Magazines

Posted by kaushalkurapati on August 22, 2006

Here are some articles on India in various magazines in the past few months:

  1. India Awakens – TIME.com, June 26th, 2006.
  2. The Rise of India – Foreign Affairs Special Issue, July / August 2006.
  3. The Rise of the Indian Economy – John Williamson talk, March 2006.
  4. What Detroit Can Learn from Bangalore – Reason Online, June 2006.
  5. Economic Growth and India’s Future – Joydeep Mukerji, March 2006.
  6. Ed Learner’s review of The World is Flat – April 2006.
  7. India Rising – by Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek (cover: The New India), March 2006.
  8. China and India – Business Week Special Issue.
  9. A Monetary Policy Maker’s Passage to India – by The President of the Federal Reserve of San Francisco, July 2006.
  10. New Economist Blog’s collection of India Articles.
  11. Can India Fly? – The Economist Special Issue on India. June 2006.

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