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Internet Advertising growing at 35% y/y

Posted by kaushalkurapati on May 23, 2007

IAB reports today that Internet Advertising in 2006 grew by 35% over 2005 to $17B. Display advertising grew fastest y/y at 47%; classifieds grew 44%; keyword search grew 32%. Market share breakdown:

  • Display Advertising 22% – $3.75B (y/y growth: 47%)
  • Rich media display advertising 7% – $1.19B
  • Keyword search 40% – $6.8B (y/y growth: 32%)
  • Classifieds 18% – $3.06B (y/y growth: 44%)
  • Lead generation 8%

One Response to “Internet Advertising growing at 35% y/y”

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