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Search Engine Market Share: May 2007

Posted by kaushalkurapati on June 23, 2007

comScore released May 2007 search engine market share stats: Google crosses 50% market share–as per comScore–for first time. Everyone else decline marginally or stay flat.

  • Total searches in May 2007: 7.6B (up 11% y/y and 4% over previous month)
  • Google: 50.7% share (3.9B queries)
  • Yahoo: 26.4% share (2B queries)
  • MSN: 10.3% share (782M queries)
  • Ask: 5% share (384M queries)
  • AOL: 4.6% share (348M queries)

Nielsen figures have been different. Trends in Google hold up though. Ask and AOL swap places in Nielsen figures. Per Nielsen Google has 56% share, Yahoo 22%, MSN 8%, AOL 5%, Ask 2% (excluding some network searches I think).

According to HitWise, Google accounted for 65% of all US searches in a 4-week period in May 2007. Yahoo stood at 21%, MSN 8.4%, and Ask 4%.

Yahoo & MSN stats are quite close in Hitwise and Nielsen measurements (21% and 8% respectively) — their comScore numbers are not far either (26% and 10%). Ask is also in the 4-5% range per Hitwise and comScore (the 2% reported by Nielsen is due to exclusion of Ask’s network searches I believe). Only Google numbers vary a lot across various measurement systems. Differences could be due to sampling methodology, and the way searches / queries are counted, etc.


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