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Search Engine Market Share: June 2007

Posted by kaushalkurapati on August 10, 2007

comScore released June 2007 Search engine market share stats few weeks ago. Google dropped a touch month/month to 49.5%. Yahoo also dropped 1% point to 25%. Microsoft notched up an impressive 3% points to 13%. Ask.com held steady at 5% and AOL dropped further to 4%. Microsoft’s gain was purely because they were offering free games to people who searched on MSN Live. Its doubtful that these queries represent ‘real’ traffic; those searches would probably not monetize well anyway, not that MSN is looking for that incremental revenue of course. So with traditional measurement metrics while it appears like MSN has gained, its not due to any improvements in the site or the engine itself.

  • Total searches in the month: 8B (up 6% month/month and 26% year/year).
  • Google handled 4B searches (50%)
  • Yahoo handled 2B searches (25%)
  • Microsoft handled 1.1B searches (13%)
  • Ask network handled 400M searches (5%) – breaching 400M for first time
  • AOL handled 340M searches (4%)

Compete reports slightly different numbers for Google & Ask: For July 2007 Google comes in at 66% – 4.8B queries; Yahoo at 20% – 1.44B queries; Microsoft at 10% – 744M queries; Ask.com at 3.3% – 244M queries. Compete must be including AOL under the Google column, which is fair. Not sure what else is counted under Google to make it 66% (counting Google.com only & AOL makes it 50 + 5 = 55%). Also # of queries on the Ask network may not be counted appropriately in this data set: the discrepancy b/w 244M queries reported here and 400M reported by comScore is huge.


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