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Books I read recently

Posted by kaushalkurapati on March 10, 2008

List of books I read during the past few months:


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Search Engine Market Share: January, February 2008

Posted by kaushalkurapati on March 10, 2008

Compete.com blog post on February 2008 Search engine market share is interesting. Google touches 70% market share. Yahoo! drops to ~16%. Microsoft, half of Yahoo!, at 8.4%. Ask.com is less than half of Microsoft, at 3.7%, and AOL is half of Ask.com at 1.8%. In terms of query volume growth, Google has grown queries by 50% y-o-y! (almost 4B –> 6B). Yahoo! did not have any query growth y-o-y (1.3B). Microsoft had 12% query growth. Ask.com had huge query growth (55%; 200M to 310M). AOL also showed a big 45% query growth y-o-y (100M -> 150M).

Comscore data for January 2008 paints a slightly different picture, although relative positions/trends hold up. Total # of searches conducted at ‘core’ engines in January 2008 was 10.5B.

  • Google: 58.5% (6.1B queries; matches roughly with Compete’s numbers)
  • Yahoo!: 22.2% (2.3B queries; this is vastly higher than Compete’s numbers at 1.3B – big discrepancy. Must be in the way various services count things)
  • Microsoft: 9.8% (1B queries)
  • AOL network: 4.9% (510M queries)
  • ASK network: 4.5% (475M queries)

Other notable sites with major query volumes include eBay (460M/month), craigslist (250M), Amazon (160M), MySpace (375M), and Facebook (100M).

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