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Mid-2007: India a Trillion dollar economy

Posted by kaushalkurapati on May 31, 2007

As per Govt. of India GDP stats and current Rupee/$ value of 40.7, India is a Trillion Dollar economy now! Remember the date – May 2007. 12 nations belong to this club now.

So what would it take to double the GDP from here on? If India grows at 9% per annum rate, it would take 8 years — 2015. I would think that once an economy hits $1T, it kicks into higher gear and things would accelerate further. So the next trillion may happen sooner — 2013-2014, say, assuming a growth of 10-11%. Crippling infrastructure (power shortage, clean water, roads, ports)¬†could be our only brake. Agriculture: Although agriculture’s share of gdp is declining, majority of the country engages in it and so agri’s performance is key to driving up consumer-demand, which clearly is a big chunk of the GDP.


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